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Dorough Lupus Foundation

Pollyanna Dorough

Pollyanna is a native to Orlando, Florida. A multi-talented entertainer who writes, sings and dances to her own original songs. Pollyanna's sounds are demonstrated in her high-energy dance groove numbers and her sentimental personal ballads. Click here to learn more about Pollyanna. Click here for Pollyanna on Facebook.

Dec 25, 2008

The Holidays are a time to reflect and give thanks, and to apologize for our shortfalls, to be very frank.

After the loss of my father, life hasn't been the same. Although our lives continue, they continue with much pain.

I know it is late, six months to be exact, since the day my father left us, as a matter of fact.

But it's time to acknowledge, the kindness you expressed during our days of mourning, when we were most depressed.

Perhaps you sent a lovely card, or sat upon a chair. Perhaps you sent us beautiful flowers. If so, we saw them there.

Perhaps you spoke the kindest words that any friend could say. Perhaps you were not there at all, just thought of us that day.

Whatever you did to console our hearts, we thank you sincerely, for whatever your part.

Life will go on with one member less, but through your love & kindness, we know that we are blessed.

The photo I've enclosed, is from Christmas of last year. A day we'll always remember, filled with laughter and cheer.

Thanks again and may God bless you always.



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Dorough Lupus Foundation Stamp

Please consider helping the Dorough Lupus Foundation create the first Lupus Stamp by signing the petition below.

Funding for this disease is not as prominent as it is for cancer, heart attacks, strokes, Diabetes and AIDS. However, Lupus is more prevalent than AIDS, Sickle Cell Anemia, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis and Cystic Fibrosis COMBINED.

Your signature will be one of the 25,000 much needed signatures to help make this stamp a reality. With your help, we can move one step closer to raising Lupus awareness and eventually finding a cure.

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Take care & God Bless...


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